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20 Uncommon Marketing Strategies That’ll Kickstart Your Startup

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16. Make national headlines

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19. Distribute bumper stickers

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Make a Useful Infographic

You can take information from a great blog post you’ve already created and craft something into a visual format. This helps engage your website visitors and gives them useful information in an easy-to-digest manner.

customer satisfaction survey small business marketing idea

Using your email marketing service to send out a customer satisfaction survey is a great way to learn about your customers and promote your business. It’s also a fantastic way to remind people you exist and invite them back to your website.

You can do this quickly and easily by turning on the Survey and Polls addon in WPForms. It’s easy to build beautiful polls and surveys, and you can even try using conversational marketing by enabling the popular Conversational Forms addon and creating a conversational contact form.

12 Evergreen Marketing Ideas for a Small Business

1. Review your target audience

2. Write a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

This is one of the simplest small marketing ideas. When you look around and see the stiff competition in your field, it can be easy to forget what makes you unique in a sea of businesses.

If you haven’t already got one, writing out a powerful unique selling proposition or USP is a great, time-tested idea. You can also analyze your competitors’ USPs and proposition your own against them.

This plays to Canva’s advantage because it highlights the platform’s simplicity. Competitors like Adobe PhotoShop and ProCreate may offer more advanced editing tools, but the learning curve is also that much steeper.

3. Update your business cards

Your marketing material obviously has a big impact. One sure-shot way to improve on your marketing material is to revamp your business card. This can help immensely with in-person networking.

First things first, get the content of your business cards right. You don’t need to add a whole lot of information about your company, just the relevant information or you can include a generated dynamic QR code for them to scan on their smartphones. Then, ensure that the graphics and design of your business cards are in alignment with your overall USP.

If you are ready for something like this, you can consider unusual dire cuts, trendy foil accents, or a very minimal design. Whatever design you go with, see that it is a proper representation of your brand.

4. Create a behind-the-scenes video

5. Apply for business awards

There are several business awards out there. You just have to look for the right ones. Take a leap of faith and apply to business awards. If you win, it will be something exciting and raise brand awareness.

Apart from an online search for business awards, you can also look at local sources like local newspapers or magazines that may be doing a feature on certain kinds of businesses or rating them.

This is also an efficient and cost-effective way to get the word out about your small business. If your industry doesn’t have any awards, you can host one of your own and generate interest from other players in your industry!

6. Host a webinar

7. Host a social media contest or giveaway

Hosting a social media contest or a giveaway can be one easy way to generate more interest in your products. The prizes don’t have to be very extravagant, you can begin by offering free products or complimentary services for your loyal customers.

8. Guest post with social media influencers

Guest posting can mean posting blogs or content on other websites. In social media marketing, this means co-hosting live videos or writing blog posts with influencers who have a similar target audience.

You can include a link to your website to generate more traffic for it through influencer marketing. Some of the benefits of guest posting on social media or guest blogging for websites include:

9. Create an Email Newsletter

10. Build lead magnets for your website

11. Optimize content for local marketing

This listing will allow your business to show up on Google Maps or other search engine queries, in the local section of search results. However, not all business profiles are equal.

In order to appear higher on the listing, having a verified business account can go a long way. If you have the budget for it, pay for Google Ads and Google AdWords. It is sure to boost visibility.

12. Get on a podcast or start a new one

Appearing in a podcast yourself or getting some of your team members as guests on podcasts will help you build a more human connection with your target audience — they hear your voice every other week!

A survey of 300,000 podcast listeners showed that 63% of them bought something that a host promoted on the podcast. Even if you are bad with math, you cannot fail to realize that this is quite a huge number.



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