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35 Instagram Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2022

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Instagram Reels in 2022: A Simple Guide for Businesses

By now, you already know that Instagram Reels are a gold mine for helping you grow your following. The short, entertaining videos have a special way of grabbing users’ attention, which can mean lots of engagement for your brand.

Since Reels debuted two years ago, they’ve become the platform’s fastest-growing feature. Creators like Justin Bieber, Lizzo, and Stanley Tucci helped transform the addictive feature from a TikTok wannabe to a full-blown competitor. And we’re not surprised.

But how do you use this tool to reach more people, get new followers, or spread the word about your products and services? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from how to make a reel on Instagram to figuring out the best time to post it.

Bonus: Download the free 10-Day Reels Challenge , a daily workbook of creative prompts that will help you get started with Instagram Reels, track your growth, and see results across your entire Instagram profile.

General Instagram statistics

1. Instagram is celebrating its 12th birthday in 2022

Instagram is practically a teenager at this point (at the very least, a lovably moody tween) so if your marketing team is still considering the platform to be a flash in the pan, we’ve got news for you: your girl isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, the platform has evolved considerably (hello, Reels!) since it first launched back in October 2010 with a filtered pic of the founder’s dog, and will continue to do so. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest Instagram trends and features as it ventures deeper into its second decade of existence.

2. Instagram is the 7th most visited website in the world

According to Semrush, based on total website traffic, Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most-visited websites globally, with 2.9 billion total visits per month. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Importantly, while most users login through the mobile app, this stat is a good reminder that people may be viewing your posts on their desktops or laptops, too: make sure those images are looking good at any scale.

3. Instagram is the 9th most-Googled search term

Facebook, Youtube and “weather” all beat out Instagram, but considering that Insta is primarily accessed through the app, this is an impressive showing and more proof that your audience might be viewing your content through a browser — whether a mobile one or via their computer.

4. Instagram is the 4th most-used social platform

That’s a lot of eyeballs. At this point, it’s beating out TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, so if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck in terms of audience reach, Instagram may be a stronger option.

5. Just 0.1% of Instagram users only use Instagram

What does this mean for marketers? You’re likely reaching the same people across different platforms, so try not to repeat yourself to make sure your content is unique and engaging, wherever your followers are encountering it.

6. Instagram is the second most-downloaded app in the world

You probably already assumed that most of your Insta audience was experiencing your content through their phones, so please, kick back and enjoy this statistic that proves just that.

Instagram marketing FAQ

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing refers to using Instagram to grow brand awareness and launch new products. Instagram allows you to build your brand and connect with followers in a personal way. With over one billion active users on the platform, it’s a great channel for creators and entrepreneurs looking to grow organically.

How do I start Instagram marketing?

To get started with Instagram marketing, you’ll need to set up an Instagram Business account or Instagram Creator account. Begin by setting up a personal account, then follow the instructions above to create your business profile.

How do I promote my business on Instagram?

What is the best way to use Instagram for marketing?

With Instagram rolling out ecommerce features like shoppable Stories, Instagram shops, and in-app checkout, you can build an entire sales funnel on Instagram. It’s best to find ways to keep people interacting with your brand on Instagram and occasionally prompting them with deals and shoppable posts to encourage sales.

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Join 446,005 entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

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