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Hola! Ciao! Olá! Namaste! Hello! Welcome to our blog about travelling and tourism.

My name is Kathleen, and my husband’s name is Ryan. We are a fun married couple from Manchester.

Today, our life is all about travelling. We have already visited ten Asian and eleven South American countries. We lived in each state from one to three weeks. This year we are going to explore the African continent.

But five years ago, we had a different life. I worked as an English teacher at a local school, and Ryan owned a gym. In spring 2014, we got married and decided to spend our honeymoon in Bali. And that was a point that changed everything!

The beauty of this tropical island turned our world upside down. When we came home from Bali, we understood that we want to see other tropical destinations. And we didn’t want to wait until the next vacation. So we quit our jobs, packed our backpacks, and…  started the most exciting chapter of our life.

We have been travelling for five years from now. And we learned dozens of travel hacks and tips. Recently, we decided to create a blog to share these tips with other travellers.

Our current mission is to tell our readers about new countries and the lessons we learned during our trips. We want to inspire others to go travel the world and make their dreams come true as soon as possible.