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How Much Do Bloggers Make? Helpful Examples How to Earn $100k a Month!

how much do bloggers make

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Cumulatively

Most companies offer some of the most enticing freelance writing rates to their writers while other writing companies tend to pay low to their freelance writers. Some factors may affect the amount to be paid to the freelance writers. Some of those factors include the level of study, the complexity of the paper, and its urgency. The level of education tends to affect the amount that the writer makes in a year in a sense that those articles that are meant for high school pay less as compared to those targeting university students.

How much does a freelance writer make in a year? Well, it is also determined by a writer’s level of study. It is crystal clear that those articles that are ordered by Doctorate and Masters students are charged a higher rate than high school and college students. The reason behind charging differently is to ensure that a writer gets a good sum of money to meet high expectations. The higher expectation is anticipated for articles belonging to a higher level as compared to those of the lower level. The amount paid by the customers affects the amount a writer earns. If a writing company charges a higher price per article, the writers are also paid a higher price per article.

The complexity of articles is another key factor that is taken into consideration when determining the amount that a writer of each article is paid. A complex paper is more likely to attract a higher pay as compared to a less complex paper. For example, an article that requires a technical writer who can come up with a complex mathematical solution may need a writer with the background in this area. Such articles may affect the amount a freelance writer is paid. Also, technical work that may require programming may also entail a bigger price per article.

Also, urgency is another factor that affects the price per article. Those articles that have a tight deadline are charged a higher rate as compared to those articles that have a long deadline. The reason behind such charges is to motivate the writer so that they can dedicate their time to writing the article and ensure that they meet tight deadlines. Also, higher freelance writing pay helps writers to take their work seriously because they are motivated.

The experience of a writer and the level of qualification is also among the key factors that are taken into consideration when determining the amount that a writer would earn. Writers with college degrees do not earn the same rates as those writers with university qualification such as Masters and Doctorate. Writers experience is an essential determinant of the amount to be paid because those with such experience are more effective compared to inexperienced writers. The quality of articles delivered by an experienced writer is higher compared to a novice. Such freelance writer salary range should be above average.

In the contemporary digital world, the number of copywriting companies has increased to meet the diverse needs of the market. More writers are required to provide copywriting services to the clients. Such companies have realized the importance of attracting new authors and motivating current writers by ensuring that they pay freelance writers handsomely. The average amount of money copywriters earn ranges from two thousand dollars to six thousand dollars per month. The price translates to over forty-eight thousand dollars per year.

Is Freelance Writing Worth It Based On Freelance Writing Rates?

The fundamental question asked by people working in other economic sectors is as follows, “Is freelance writing worth it based on the publicly available freelance writing rates?” The answer to such question is that freelance writing is worth it because it is a multi-billion dollar industry. It has millions of freelance writers paid for working online. Such a higher number of freelance writers indicates that freelance writing creates employment opportunities to millions of people. The industry pays freelance writers a substantial amount of money that helps them to pay their bills and also care for their families. Some freelance writers use the money from freelance writing to pay school fees for their children and also help the ones in need. They participate in promoting the economic growth of the world through writing articles.

Being a freelance writer is more rewarding because the amount of pay freelance writers get is encouraging. Besides, you become your own boss and decide the amount that you are going to make each month. One of the key secrets behind choosing the sum of money to earn is by dedicating your time to writing and also coming up with quality articles. Writing a higher quality article is important because it helps to attract more customers and retain the existing ones by delivering high-quality services. There is evidence that shows that most people are quitting their jobs in offices to work online as freelance writers. There are a lot of opportunities online including content writing, blogging and, more importantly, freelance article writing.

The number of people that are resigning from public and private sectors to come and join the freelance writing path has increased. Such people are motivated to join the writing industry because of the various benefits that it entails, namely the amount that copywriters earn each year. Besides, being a freelance writer is a sure way of getting freedom. You do not have to walk or drive in heavy traffic in the morning in order to get to work. One only needs to have a laptop, good Internet connection, and writing skills to work.

If you are struggling to look for a job, the time is now. Take a step and join freelance writing and you will never regret it. Graduates that are still looking for employment should know that making money by freelance writing is rewarding. Some companies pay freelance writers well, and all they need is skill, dedication, and commitment to writing a good article.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?: Freelance Writers vs Blog Owners

How do I know this? Well, I’ve hired lots of bloggers in the past and this is currently the going market rate for US based, Native English speakers. If you are a writer outside the US or have English as a second language, your rates may be a little lower.

However, on the high end, some bloggers are making over

How Many Bloggers Exist?

According to other statistics, there are actually closer to 600 million blogs that exist. I assume this larger number takes into account old blogs that are no longer active or include sites like Tumblr or Medium that allow bloggers to write on their blogging platforms.

Fortunately, many bloggers publish income reports, so we know exactly how much money they make. Some of these reports show that bloggers make only a few hundred dollars per month, while others are making hundreds of thousands per month.

SmartPassiveIncome.com – $100k+ per month

One well-known blogger that used to share his blog income is Pat Flynn. He stopped sharing income reports a couple of years ago, but at the time he was making over $100,000 a month.

Most of this came from online courses as well as affiliate marketing. You’ll see Pat also earns from sponsored posts and he does sell products (books). All of these strategies are great monetization techniques you can implement on your own blogs.

RyRob.com – $36k+ per month

You can see that he makes a significant portion of his income is affiliate revenue. Affiliate programs like Siteground and Dreamhost can be quite lucrative if you have the right kind of traffic coming to your blog.

PinchofYum.com – Over $50,000 a month

Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom have been running Pinch of Yum for many years and the dedication has really paid off. One of the last income reports that they published showed that they were generating revenue of over $50,000 a month.

CreateAndGo.com – $101,000+ per month

LivingTheDreamRTW.com – $7,661 a month

I think Jeremy’s blog gives a little bit more realistic picture than some of the previous income reports. Sure, a blog CAN make $100,000 a month, but as you can see, for a long time, Jeremy was making less than 5000,000 a month.

SimplifyingCollege.com – 5000,000 a Month

Simplifying College is a resource for all things college and dorm related content, as told by a recent college grad. Dale is just getting started making money blogging with this particular site.

OwnTheYard.com – $3,500 a month

I created a public niche site a couple of years ago and that site is now making me roughly $3,500 a month. Sometimes it makes more, sometimes less. You can read about how I built this niche site (or “niche blog” if you want) as part of Niche Site Project 4 here.

I hired a freelance writer to create nearly 100% of the content for OwnTheYard.com, so it was all outsourced. My primary monetization strategy for this WordPress blog is Ezoic display ads and Amazon Associates for affiliate income.

Jon Dykstra – Over $55,000 a Month from Niche Blogs

Jon’s primary monetization methods are display ads. Sure, he makes some money through affiliate marketing, but primarily he uses AdThrive or other display ad networks. As you can see from his ad revenue screenshot below, his blog monetization strategy is working out well!

.08 to

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

A blogger has several different ways that they can make money from their blog. If you’re one of a thousand new bloggers looking to monetize your blog, display ads are one of the most common monetization methods. In fact, even experienced bloggers will tell you that they still use display ads to make up a significant chunk of their income.

A blogger will make money when a visitor visits a page that has an advertisement. Many times the blogger will get paid even if the visitor doesn’t click the ad or buy anything, it truly is a display ad.

If you want some more examples of blogs that are making good money you can check out these 17 Types of Blogs That Make Money and read How to Make a Living Blogging for more tips on how to earn as a full time blogger and what you can expect.

Ad Rates and RPMs

So, how much can you make per visitor? Well, the numbers are pretty small per single visitor. As a result, the ad industry has adopted something called RPM, which stands for Revenue Per Mil.

Affiliate Marketing

Another common way that bloggers make money from their blogs is through affiliate marketing. Perhaps the most common affiliate program is the Amazon Associates program. A blogger will get paid if a visitor clicks one of their Amazon affiliate links and then buys the affiliate products.

Amazon is obviously huge and millions of dollars worth of goods are sold on Amazon every single day. And because there is such a huge variety of products that can be recommended on Amazon, it makes it an easy entry affiliate program for bloggers to use.

With affiliate marketing you recommend products to your readers and then make money if they buy them. It’s pretty simple and once you’ve made the recommendation then it’s passive income.

You need to choose an affiliate platform that works for you depending on your blog niche (though Amazon will work for most). Choose a couple of affiliate products or pick some affiliate links to promote and get them up on your blog!

.10 a word for high quality content. So, if you are tasked with writing a 2,000 word blog post you can likely expect to be paid anywhere from $100 to $200 for that single post.

Now, if you are actually looking to OWN a blog that you run as your own business, your income potential is much higher. No longer will you be trading time for money, but you can entire that ever-seductive “passive income” potential.

You obviously won’t start making money from day one, but if you stick with it over the long term, you have the potential to earn money even when you’re not working. (Depending on the monetization strategies you’re using, you can make money from affiliate sales and ad clicks while you’re sleeping).

So, you need to decide what the best path to make money online if you want to do blogging full time. You can start making money fast by working as a freelance writer for other blogs. OR you can dramatically increase your income potential by putting your writing skills to work for your own blogs.

When you own a blog with multiple income streams, you own a business. If you want to make money, and I mean like a lot of money, by blogging, you need to be doing it for your own website. If you’re just looking for a side hustle to supplement your day job, then consider guest posting or writing for other blogs.



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