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The Hidden Truth About Budget Travel Bloggers

The tourism industry is among the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. The industry provides employment opportunities to approximately 12 million individuals and generates gross income for countries that have invested in the industry. Before the internet age, we used guidebooks to learn of the foreign land, the available adventures, area maps, restaurant and much more.

Globalization and internet have modernized the traveling experience. There is a new industry- travel blogging that is easing up traveling and reducing travel cost. Travel blogging tells stories that entice readers to visit no matter how far, talks of the available adventures, restaurants and estimates the travel cost.

The bloggers chose to quit their jobs and take a trip around the world ticking off their bucket list. The cost must be expensive and does not sound realistic especially when you read posts on social media. To travel to your dreamland, it takes years of planning and saving, and it can be stressful and tiring. So how do the travel bloggers do it?

The Secrets of Travel Bloggers

Social Media Accounts

Early in 2016, Instagram a popular social media platform among bloggers changed its platform algorithm. The posts no longer appear in chronological order but rather by the user’s interest and the probability of the user liking the posts.  It led to bloggers buying followers by using the rusty trick of following an individual, and once they follow you back, you immediately unfollow. Another dirty trick is posting in other users post. The sneaky strategies help bloggers increase followers.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, the face of Do You Travel, make six figures to write travel blogs. It takes a lot of determination to be a renowned travel blogger.  The couple does not use mobile apps or Instagram filters but instead play around with the colors in the photo to set the mood and tweak the quality of the image. The two relieve that unedited photos are dull and less inviting and require efforts to even out the shadows and include highlights.  Morris also uses Adobe Light room settings to get a vintage-inspired look to their photos.

How Often Do They Travel?

Traveling is a blogger’s job, and like any other job, it is tiring and hard work. In a blog trip, you have activities scheduled running from early morning to late evening. Unlike traveling for pleasure, the actions suck up the fun of travel. At other times the bloggers pay for the vacation. The reality is the bloggers will not travel the whole world.


Traveling Strains Relationships

Normal humans get to visit at most six weeks the whole year. A travel blogger is often on the road off abroad and back several times a month. The nature of their job strains the time they spend with their families. Unless traveling with their partners the relationship with friends and family often feels like a tug of war. Monkeys and Mountains blogger, Lauren explains how tough it can be keeping friends that do not love traveling. Lauren admits that traveling has made her social life awkward. She finds herself struggling to maintain talks that do not involve travel adventures.

Travel Bloggers Are Not All Good Writers

To be an influential travel blogger today, you do not need to be a good writer. Travelling is no longer about words but images and the followers. The travel bloggers are not a journalist writing unique stories it requires a captivating caption to lure the user into visiting the place. Most travel bloggers do not have a platform for sharing written content.

A Community of Bloggers

Real cities are hard to find, and a cool travel blogging is harder due to the cutthroat competition in the industry. The “community” does not exist. Bloggers only talk business and secretly agree to comment on each other posts and re-pin Pinterest pins for popularity. The travel bloggers who are thought to have made it in the industry charge other bloggers to meet for coffee, prioritizing income over the desire to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs. There are, however, bloggers that are disconnecting from digital communities and building offline communities. The bloggers connect as a support group and organize meet-ups and themed events to rebuild the community.


To travel the world, you need to step out of your comfort zone to have great experiences. Travel packages are not always cheap; the blogger is more often marketing the traveling agency. The platforms will get you obsessing on cheap travel hacks that will end up compromising your ethics and wasting your time. When you want to travel, plan and save for a year or more and choose activities that got value for your money. Read the travel blogs, get ideas to be inspired but do not believe every detail.

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