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What is Content Editing? Tips From an Agency’s Lead Editor

Have you done everything the assignment requires? Are the claims you make accurate? If it is required to do so, does your paper make an argument? Is the argument complete? Are all of your claims consistent? Have you supported each point with adequate evidence? Is all of the information in your paper relevant to the assignment and/or your overall writing goal? (For additional tips, see our handouts on understanding assignments and developing an argument.)

Content editing definition.

You’ve worked hard to craft the perfect piece. You’re excited, confident that your client will love it. It’s going to be immaculate once the design is done and everything gets published, it just has to go through your editor first.

You’ve worked hard to craft the perfect piece. You’re excited, confident that your client will love it. It’s going to be immaculate once the design is done and everything gets published, it just has to go through your editor first.

Fast forward a few days — your piece is back from the editor, and whoa, it’s filled with line edits and copious comments in the margins. Not to mention, there’s an email or comment in the project thread outlining their suggestions.

Your first thought may be, “Yikes, I didn’t think it was that bad,” but trust me, your editor doesn’t think that either. They’re on team Great Content right along with you and they just want to help make this piece be the best it can be.

We’ll focus on content editing, the mother of all editing strategies and one of the best tools for creating exquisite content. We’ll also cover how it compares to other editing styles, why it matters and my process for editing content.

Academic Editing Services

Capstone Editing provides industry-leading academic editing, servicing the needs of academics, students and universities. Underpinning every aspect of our business is our desire to provide the highest-quality academic editing possible.

Capstone Editing provides an extremely high-quality thesis editing service. As one of Australia’s most experienced academic editors, Dr Lines ensures that the work of all of her editors meets exacting standards.

Antonio Rullo

The YECL course was, in respect to greatly refining and enhancing my academic and other editing skills and shaping me to work as an editor, a tremendous experience. The face-to-face workshops were professionally run by the wonderful Capstone Editing team in an effective and appealing manner so that the material presented was both informative and enjoyable to learn. The subsequent continuation of the online component of the course, using both printed and online materials, facilitated a further in-depth understanding of the important processes of copyediting, referencing and formatting. From this, I learned many aspects of the editing process that I had not previously known or had not been clear to me. The professionalism and encouragement integrated into the YECL course are truly admirable, and I would highly recommend the course to anyone seeking to enhance their editing skills or begin work as an editor!

Rebecca Courtney

I would highly recommend the YECL course to anyone looking to build a career in editing. Nelson and Amanda are great mentors, and the course is jam-packed with valuable, practical information on all areas of editing. For me, as someone who had already started their career as a freelance editor, the course filled in some knowledge gaps and gave me renewed confidence in my ability. I was challenged and inspired, and I loved every minute!

Amanda Webster

My favourite part of YECL was that Capstone Editing provided an excitingly long list of writing and editing resources. Before enrolling in the course, I had completed a bachelor’s degree, but my study had not focused solely on editing or industry standards. I thought I had quite a firm grasp of English and its rules, but YECL taught me rules and practices that I did not know existed. I especially enjoyed the practicality of the course; I am a hands-on learner, and the exercises were extremely helpful. I also felt supported by Lisa and her team, who answered any questions I had. YECL also allowed me to showcase my editing skills, which resulted in Capstone hiring me as a trainee editor. I feel this course is an excellent opportunity for beginners and seasoned professionals alike because there will always be something new to learn.

Employees sit around boardroom table in office

Superior editing service

Capstone Editing is proud to be the finest-quality academic editing service available in Australia. Our testimonials and reviews speak to the knowledge and expertise of our editors and proofreaders, and to the high standard to which we hold ourselves, regardless of the type of document submitted.

Owned and operated by academics

As the only Australian academic editing company owned and operated by academics, we understand the needs of our clients better than anyone else does. Dedication to clients and commitment to the Quality and On-Time Guarantees filter down through all levels of service, so you deal with only the best in this highly specialised business.

International publication standards

When choosing us, you can be certain that your edited document will meet international publication standards. We operate within the bounds set by editing guidelines in Australia, particularly as they relate to academic editing and proofreading editing services. You can also be confident that we will never miss your deadline.

Dr Nelson Mok Head Editor Dr Sarah Pearce Assistant Head Editor and Senior Fiction Editor Deborah Kane Dr Megan Cross Medical and Science Editor

Specialist editing team

PhD-qualified editors

Experts in academic editing

0% interest finance options available

The highest-quality and most comprehensive copyediting possible

Our editing service is built on ensuring that every document we copyedit is of exemplary quality and meets international publication standards. We maintain our academic integrity by adhering to the Australian Standards of Editing Practice, with particular attention to the section that governs guidelines for editing research theses. Our specialists are also familiar with the guidelines that have been adapted by individual universities in Australia and New Zealand.

The academic experience and editing expertise of our team
The best and most experienced academic editors in the industry

Our editors are both academics and professional editors. We hire only the most outstanding academic editors and train them still further, ensuring our editors are among the most skilled in the world. As each of our expert editors holds a postgraduate qualification, you can rest assured that their knowledge will help your work shine in the way you intend. Our team of experts is one of the reasons we are a preferred thesis editing provider recommended by many universities in Australia and New Zealand.

The confidence of knowing the quality of our work is guaranteed

We take great pride in delivering superior editing services. We are so confident in the exceptional standard of our work that we provide a Quality Guarantee that covers the entire editing and proofreading process, from online submission of documents to after-care. In fact, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, contact us and we will address your concerns immediately, completely, and free of charge.

The certainty ensured by our On-time Guarantee

We recognise the importance of delivering all edited documents on time, without fail. You can be certain that your deadline will be met. If by some chance, we miss the deadline, we provide a full refund and complete the project as close to the deadline as humanly possible – while still maintaining our high standards backed by our Quality Guarantee.

Clear, upfront pricing and excellent value for money

The comprehensiveness of our editing service and the qualifications and experience of our editors means our fees represent exceptional value for money. In partnership with Payright and Humm, two of the most ethical and responsible financial service providers in Australia, we offer interest-free repayment plans for periods of up to 12 months.

Fast turnaround times, without compromising on quality

We offer four service speeds to cater to the needs of our clients. Regardless of the turnaround time you choose (the premium service can take anything from one to 28 days, depending on the length of the document), the quality of editing will remain the same.

The most knowledgeable client support staff in the industry

Our client support team have a thorough understanding of the editing service we provide, which they have gained by obtaining qualifications in editing themselves, in addition to having years of experience assisting clients and editors in the specialist field of academic editing. You will find them friendly and efficient, and you can contact them online 24/7.

Get Started

Capstone Editing will perfect the language, formatting and referencing of your document to produce a final version of the highest-possible quality, ready for submission or publication. Our specialist academic editors will ensure your research is presented in the best light to help you achieve academic success.



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