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Writing a Paper About China – 5 Interesting Tips

As you probably already know, writing papers about foreign countries is not as easy as it sounds. This is mainly because you can’t find the facts that people will really be interested in – such as local news that doesn’t go viral, for example.

However, you don’t have to rely on amazing facts or information when writing a paper about China. In fact, all you have to do is exploit the following five interesting tips that you can apply when writing such a paper.

On the other hand, if you do find a piece of information that you think may be helpful for your essay, it is recommended to have it translated via professional Chinese translation services and attach it to your paper. Doing so can make your paper even more interesting!

  1. Know Your Topic

There are a lot of weird and interesting customs and manners when it comes to China’s culture and people. When writing about China, it is better if you research even the simplest of your beliefs. Something that’s common in a lot of European countries, for example, may be very different in China.

For instance, you may spit, yawn, burp, or grunt while you eat in China, as most Asian cultures consider this a sign of respect. In short, keep in mind that their culture and behavior is entirely different from yours.

  1. All the Pandas Come from China

Whether you write a paper about China or just about pandas, it is worth mentioning that China owns literally all of the world’s pandas. On top of that, when a panda is born, it’s sent to the country in order to help with the expansion of the gene pool.

Depending on your paper topic, you can use this fact in the beginning to spark some interest and to add some curiosity to the table.

  1. Not All of China Is the Same

When writing about China as a country, it is very important to realize that not all of it it’s the same – especially if you want to generalize a certain aspect.

Why? Simply because, believe it or not, roughly 35 million Chinese people are still living in caves. This is due to the poor economy – they don’t have enough money for housebuilding, so they make do.

As such, you couldn’t possibly say something like all of China has access to potable water because you’d be wrong. Overall, keep in mind that China is a big country and comes with a large population as well.

  1. The Country of Religions

Given the country’s large population, you can find every religion in the world in it. The most popular religions are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

However, if you want a fact that would really impress your readers, then remember that, according to several studies, China has more Christians than Italy! This fact can be very helpful if you are writing a paper about religions or about the influence and spread of Christianity throughout the world.

  1. A Country of Genius

Depending on your topic, you could point out that China is responsible for most of the world’s discoveries. For example, the Chinese discovered that blood circulates through veins 2000 years before W. Harvey discovered the same thing in 1628.

Moreover, the Chinese are also responsible for geometry, binary systems, algebra, and trigonometry.

If you’re writing about China as the possible cradle of creation, so to say, there’s more than enough information that you can use to support this affirmation.

The Bottom Line

With so many things about China, writing a paper about it shouldn’t be so hard. However, there are a lot of cultural differences that you have to take into account – both within China and between China and other Asian countries.

As such, it is better if you don’t generalize, as mentioned above, when writing a paper about China – unless you know the facts well. After all, with such a large area and population, you can’t know for sure if your affirmation is real or not, so it is better not to take any chances.

Moreover, for specific information, you could contact people who wrote about China – either history or fiction. Keep in mind that even writers of fiction use real-life sources for their works, so they may be able to find you what you need!

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